What is Padel Pro-Kit?

A different way of understanding the sport. Having our custom blade makes us look even further to professionals. Sets us apart from the rest and gives a fun twist to our material.

Padel Pro-Kit is a is an online custom media paddle. It is the customers that their protector, designed paletero … We use high quality materials themselves.

What is a protector?

Years ago we played in the blade or tennis racket a plaster to protect the edges. Now we fully protective custom colors for our customers and appropriate action.

Our custom paddle protector is not just an ornament. High strength and adhesion do virtually unbreakable. You can customize with your name and flag, logo or favorite picture.

How do I pay?

You can pay safely with both credit card and by bank transfer or deposit account of La Caixa. We have paypal payment system.

Are Shipping costs are included in the price?

Yes, shipping costs are totally free. The price includes shipping by regular mail. If you want to keep track of your order you should opt for the certified mail with an increase of 4 €. This way your order will arrive in less time and in perfect condition.

How long will my shipment?

Being customized products, we make each protecting one by one. So that deadlines can be extended to three weeks, but always try to send it in less time.

How are the protectors?

They are high quality, and adherence. Protect the blade perfectly.

Fully customized by our customers. The customer chooses the background color, font color, image, logo or banner and of course your name.

In addition we are always willing to help by telephone and by mail to our customers in the design of your custom case.

¿Orders are made large groups?

Yes, clubs, shops, companies, groups of friends … And depending on the amounts better price.

Many sports clubs, associations, institutions or companies that have become members and enjoy our discounts and large groups. Made just for members enjoy a 30% discount. This discount will increase depending on the volume of purchase.

How are paleteros?

Our paleteros are of high quality and durability. made in Spain. Of different colors with a classic design, but modern at once. Also personalized with your name and flag. There are two models one paletero backpack and a full ice cream vendor.

Always with a compartment for shoes and dirty clothes.

Cheap for the service they provide and durability are !!!

¿Cancellation of orders?

The order can be canceled as long as you have not gone into production line. It is for this reason that we recommend ordering cancellation as soon as possible from the time of order to info@padelprokit.com, and we will contact you to inform you of this. Our customers can contact us therefore mail and by phone to solve any problem.

What if I receive a damaged product?

The incidences are solved as soon as possible both by calling us and sending an email to info@padelprokit.com photo and telling the incident. We will send your order back.

Can I send my company logo, image or picture?

Of course !!!

Provided you have sufficient image quality … click the button upload your own image and we will

Where we are?

We are in the center of Bilbao, Spain. But always he is traveling across the geography in contact with our customers