General Padel


In today’s post we bring the magazine article Top Paddle “33 tips paddle.” Read carefully the item and put it into practice in the match to see if you work.

1. Encourage your partner all the time. The best time to support it when it ‘s going wrong or making mistakes. Be positive with your comments. Do not make gestures of dissent. Find contact with claps for example.

2. When things go wrong, try different variant, are not left without options. The great couples never lose, just run out of time to find the ideal answer.

3. Use basic tactics and have an alternative in case it does not work. You can give him 5-7 games to see if you get result. Otherwise have time to reverse it.

4. Allow errors aside. When you lose the points do not run into this error, try thinking that happened and fix it. Do not get caught up in bad spots.

Miguel Lamperti – Remove Padel5. From 30 equal, use no more second serve. Only use a slower first. But opponents, once missed the first serve, will surely make a more aggressive shot.

6. After a great run may come a big mistake. Therefore, when you win an important point, not to relax and play the next with good intensity.

7. Surely the difficult game plays well and poorly winnable game. So, move a lot, keep hopping constant, increase your heart rate slightly more intense play easy games.

8. When the pressure increases, be more aggressive. It happens that most often become conservative in times of stress, therefore, you must be aggressive in important points, be sorry for making a defensive one hit but never aggressive.

9. When lifting, proposed an action and be aggressive. When returned to punish the opponent getting a lot of balls in play. Try to win fast and lose slow, with this slogan try to make games kick short and long the back.

10. Use humor to break the stress. Sometimes a joke between colleagues can cut the tension of some match moment. Play, release your and have fun, which is beyond all playing. When there is smile, is control.

11. Use variants for the lift, but insist more in the middle. From there your opponent has the smallest angle and could be able to receive a clear and comfortable ball.

12. When taken out and get to the net, if they are comfortable, make a aggressive stroke, thus bring the opponents in an awkward position from the start. Preparing the balloon paddle.

13. Use the balloon when you are comfortable. A common mistake is to use the balloon when in an awkward position; his shot is probably bad or short. Pull the ball when you are completely stopped.

14. Play your shots far from the net. In case of a low shot, the next “lift the look” as it is very likely that after this move by luck, be a mistake. ! The bad player thinks that good shot, good player says: almost lose!

15. Make a good warm up and start the match. Have a game plan, tidy and do not strange plays that you do not practiced in training; this will give good proportion of good and bad shots.

16. When not depart your best shots, do not run out of options, play more cross, pass the ball higher off the net. That changes the game to his companion. Do not insist on difficult plays, is easier the plays that you practice.

17. If you win a play, playing in one way, not change and keep your strategy. No wants to make faster, which is common, making it difficult plays, which has to change is your opponent.

18. Remember that when they win a match, opponents actually lost 80% of the shots and only won 20%. So, first try to create doubts and problems on the opponent, in this way you will win many points.

19. After winning a major set, quickly loses the next. The reason is that your heart rate fell sharply, relaxing and playing without much intensity. Therefore, after winning a set or a big game, move a lot and keep high pulse.

20. If you play against a friend, be prepared mentally before the game, play with everything, not lower the intensity at points because you probably do not play well. Move a lot and play at 100%.

21. In all the matches there is pressure, so if you have setbacks, try to resolve them peacefully, the phrase is “love problems”.

22. If you believe in a game are better than their rivals, make logical moves that surely “logically” will win.

23. If in a match believes that his opponents are better than us, try to risk a little more, otherwise, logically lost.

24. Between point and point, perform the method of 16 seconds:

4 seconds to find his partner,

4 seconds to talk about what happened,

4 seconds to talk about what they will do,

4 seconds to get ready to play.

Maxi Grabiel and Miguel Lamperti between point and point

25. Between points, walk together, approach your partner, give the image of team at all times.

26. Use a plan in your matches; it is preferable to a “bad plan” to a “no plan”. If you realize that is not the way it will be very valid, will know to change.

27. When you snap the ball, tell your partner where he will, he may have some code, for example:

1. to the middle.

2. to the body.

3. to the side wall

28. When you snap the ball propose action, you are those who take the initiative and attack, try to “get ahead of opponents.”

29. When returning, punished. How? Put the ball in play, and do to work your opponents.

30. The first point (15) is worth double. Nobody gives much importance, because they think they have time to recover. Play with intensity that point.

31. Try to get “30” first, thus the opponent will be stressed.

32. If “40 equal” and you feel confident with your partner, go get the point.

33. If “40 equal” and is not happy with his game at the time, getting punished balls, not try to risk plays.